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Improve patient outcomes with the use of virtual reality

Our leading Virtual Reality (VR) solutions were developed with you and your patients in mind. Find out how we can help you today.

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Implementing VR in healthcare comes with many benefits

Stepping into the world of Virtual Reality (VR) will bring you new possibilities in patient care and training. Open up to new benefits that converge with the assimilation of VR technology within the healthcare domain.

Patient using a VR headset during treatment to reduce pain, stress and medication
Improved patient outcomes
Patients who are in pain or anxious can benefit from virtual distraction techniques. This applies to both acute or chronic pain and anxiety. VR technology is being used to improve both in-hospital and at-home physical and cognitive rehabilitation.
Reduction of cost

Better results are being achieved in less time with lower financial costs. Virtual reality is an effective non-pharmacological pain intervention tool to help reduce money spent on pain medication and sedation. It will help you effectively to reduce the patient length of stay in the hospital. The use of VR can help you to educate and train both staff and patient in a cost-effective way by optimising your workflow and efficiency.

Improved staff and patient experiences
Patients can experience a new way of being distracted from painful procedures and be educated about their own illnesses. Rehabilitation exercises will be more engaging than ever before. Amongst healthcare professionals VR can help you improve education and training with unique methods that will result in the decrease of physical pressure and burnout amongst colleagues
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Enhance healthcare with access to our all-in-one platform

From virtual educational resources and therapeutic experiences to beautiful escapes for both patients and staff, find all you need in one place.

Pain, anxiety, stress relief

VR distraction apps have a significant effect on pain and anxiety in patients undergoing medical procedures.

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Mobilisation & Rehab

Physical VR scenarios accelerate patient physical and cognitive rehabilitation programmes.

10 +apps


Step into scenarios which you are not able to replicate in everyday practice. VR can help you to teach self-management techniques.
10+ apps

Available to your patients with a single click in the appstore

A wide range of apps, all available in one platform. We’ve made it easy to find what you’re looking for, and you can filter by age group, language, category and more.

Elderly patient being hospitalised using virtual reality
Nurse using a tablet to guide the patient using virtual reality during a treatment

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Everyone working in the healthcare industry can benefit from the use of VR. We support over 30 specialisations across multiple departments.
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Your department can benefit from VR. We currently support over more then 15000 different departments across Europe. 

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Nurses love to work with VR in their day-to-day lives. Why? Because it contributes to patient happiness. Luckily, we support all types of nurses.

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Doctors embrace VR to optimise their workflow and create valuable time. We support all specialties, as we proudly support doctors of every kind.

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